Jan. 21, 2014

1) Approve Minutes: Approval of minutes was postponed, pending a full reading by members.

2) New Business: Bob Barton proposed adding radio training to the agenda.

3) 2013 Review: Jim Fazackerley. presented his review of the 2013 year along with some ideas about objectives for the group in 2014 (sheet attached)

4) Division Reports:

Command: trailer purchase imminent with stocking of supplies to follow. Need for an AED (automatic defibrillator) was mentioned. Perhaps a need for one at the golf course.

Communications: (Bob Barton) Some low-power radios have been distributed. Need to decide who should have them. Training to follow with regular check-in. Need for organizing neighborhood coordinators. There will be repeaters set up for these radios. Individuals can purchase these radios for around $85/pair.

Animal Shelter/Care: Coordinator not present.

Damage Assessment: Coordinator not present.

Medical: Janelle Fazackerley. is coordinator. Division has met. No drills so far.

5) Elections: Jim Fazackerley and Brian McCarthy were elected as coordinator and vice-coordinator for 2014 by unanimous vote of those assembled.

6) Neighborhood Organization:

Sebastian Wittenstein volunteered to coordinate this effort.

Susan Giacomini has volunteered to organize San Geronimo.

7) New Business:

Tom Tabakin raised the issue of the name of our group. After discussion group voted to change our name to “SGV Disaster Preparedness”, subject to confirmation by the county organization. Tom also volunteered to take on communication with members, including email contact. Title of position will be Outreach Coordinator.

Group member asked for clarification regarding several issues: coordination with the Red Cross and with County Office of Emergency Services; coordination between our valley “folks” and our group. Need expressed for more outreach to our constituents with presence at events, flyers, information, neighborhood coordinators, etc.

Group member raised the issue of the 1977 Plan, with a section on Disaster Preparedness, which is out of date. Needs update.

Questions regarding radio coverage answered by Bob Barton. HE estimates about 90% radio coverage with current radios. Known “pockets” of houses where coverage is minimal. Local neighborhood radios can help that.